New member Qualitech Healthcare joins Barema


We are delighted to welcome Qualitech Healthcare Ltd as the latest new member to join Barema.

Qualitech Healthcare is a technology-driven company presenting The PneuX™ System - a major development in the prevention of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP). 

Designed to prevent pulmonary aspiration, the leading cause of VAP, whilst minimising damage to the airway. The system facilitates sub-glottic irrigation and drainage, and works in conjunction with the PneuX™ Tracheal Seal Monitor (TSM) which maintains a constant cuff pressure preventing aspiration.  The TSM is designed exclusively for use with the PneuX™ ETT and the PneuX™ TT.  With proven clinical benefits, The PneuX™ System offers improved patient outcomes together with cost effectiveness.

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