Medical Industry Accreditation

MIAThe Medical Industry Accredited (MIA) is a database that collates information on qualifications gained by individuals from different training courses together in one place.  MIA thus enables members of the health service to check the credentials of visiting medical technology industry staff, to ensure that they are properly trained and qualified to enter into sensitive areas within a hospital. 

To qualify for a MIA photo-ID card, field-based company personnel must successfully complete any recognised and accredited training course and ensure that they keep their training up to date. Accrediting bodies include the Association for Perioperative Practice, BTEC and the Royal College of Nursing.

The Barema Professional Qualification in Anaesthetics, Critical Care and Cardio-respriatory care is externally accredited by Eduqual and confers eligibility for MIA badges, as well as all commercial credentialing schemes. 

MIA ensures that this information only needs to be registered once, and provides a single port of call for clinicians and health service professionals to check the credentials of visiting industry staff.  

The MIA scheme was launched by ABHI in 2013, with Wellards administering the scheme. 

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