Barema Council Elections


Nine individuals have put themselves forward for three places available on the Barema Council:

  • Rod Beuzeval, Philips Home Health Solutions
  • Emma Braithwaite, ResMed
  • Nick Connolly, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare
  • Richard Cooke, MEC Medical
  • Leah Jennings, Ambu
  • Steve Middleton, Hamilton Medical
  • Graham Milward, Vygon
  • Simon Talbot, P3 Medical
  • David Walker, GE Healthcare

Please downloand their applications from the Barema members' reports section (log-in required).  

Each member company can vote for three candidates ranked in order of preference.  The deadline for voting is Thursday 3rd July

The Key Company Contact is responsible for returning their company's vote. You can find the key company contacts for each company in the List of members: if the name listed here is no longer the correct person to be your Key Company Contact, please email me at