AAGBI endorse Barema professional qualification


In a first for Barema, and for the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI), the new training course devised by Barema has won AAGBI's full endorsement.

This means that individuals successfully completing the course - the Barema Professional Theatre Access Qualification in Anaesthetics and Critical Care - will be able to display the AAGBI logo and be recognised by members of the anaesthetic profession as being fully trained to work in operating theatres and the critical care environment.

To gain endorsement Barema worked closely with AAGBI whilst drawing up learning objectives of the course, and the AAGBI's Honorary Secretary Dr Richard Griffiths then attended the inaugural training day on 11th October.

Finally, the course won the approval of AAGBI's Executive Officers after discussion their recent Council meeting.

AAGBI has committed to promoting the course to all of its members, and to strongly encourage them to demand evidence of training before allowing company reps access.

A key part of Barema's mission is to, "maintain [the anaesthetic and respiratory sector's] enviable reputation for exceptionally high levels of quality, safety, [and] reliability."

Developing and running this course demonstrates Barema's commitment to fulfilling its mission.

The next course, run in partnership with Healthcare Skills, will run on Thursday 24th April 2014.Please email anne.cooke@barema.org.uk to reserve a place!